Internal Auditor training course

What is the Internal Auditor course?

The Internal Auditor course enables participants to understand the internal audit process and complete an internal audit of their business.

The course is designed to provide a basic and contextualised introduction to the internal audit process. Participants will cover what an internal audit is and why they are conducted as a requirement of maintaining certification. The course also covers how to determine the audit scope.

What will I take away from this course?

The Internal Audit training course covers the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand what an internal audit is
  • Why Internal Audit is conducted
  • Determine what to audit
  • How an internal audit will be done
  • How and what to report on in an internal audit.

In this course, participants will take away an understanding of what an internal audit includes, why they are conducted and how to implement an internal audit process.

Who can take these courses?

Entry Requirements? There aren’t any. You are not required to have any prior knowledge of auditing or management system implementation in order to take the Internal Auditor course.

The Internal Auditor Course is suitable for all learners keen to develop an understanding of how to plan and complete an internal audit of their business. The course is particularly suited to those who are new to certification and are implementing an internal audit process for the first time.

Delivery Options & Cost

Classroom: Compass Assurance Training regularly hold classroom training courses across the country. See our training calendar for the next classroom training dates near you.

On-Premises: Have four or more people at your workplace that need to take a course? We can come to your premises and deliver the training course in-house. Contact Us for a customised training package.

Price: $450 (ex-GST) per person

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