Introducing Comply Ahoy- Intelligent Compliance Software.

Compass Assurance has partnered with Ahoy Ahoy to create Comply Ahoy; exciting new GRC software that makes compliance easy. Comply Ahoy is a solution for inefficient paperwork, spreadsheets and expensive software. Whether you’re dealing with ISO 9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO27001, HACCP, RTO requirements or Regulatory compliance- your answer is Comply Ahoy.

Let’s establish the value of GRC Software

Governance Risk and Compliance, commonly known as GRC is vital for all business operations. GRC software, such as Comply Ahoy, is able to bring all the demands of GRC together such as; your business’ objective, managing risks and compliance with relevant standards, so that you can manage this in a cost effective and efficient environment.

We live in a digital age, and taking advantage of software to manage compliance and risk is a cost and time effective solution. Many companies have taken on GRC software as a superior alternative to paperwork and spreadsheets.

Our unique market offering 

GRC software is valuable for all companies- so why choose Comply Ahoy? 

Comply Ahoy includes the following features that will help your organisation with compliance: 

  • Compliance- for regulations and quality standards 
  • Workflow controls- document approvals, meetings, inspections, audits, review
  • Incident Reporting and management 
  • Risk management 
  • management of recurring tasks, such as test and tag, calibration of equipment, or staff training and competency requirements.

Our point of difference is that we strive to make compliance both simple and affordable. Users will have access to these features plus other benefits such as alerts and notifications for immediate and important system management functions, along with customised automation, to ensure that Comply Ahoy is serving your organisation’s needs.

Paul Lindsay, Managing Director of Compass Assurance Service and one of the Founders of Comply Ahoy points out that, “we made Comply Ahoy an affordable and simple solution to manage all ISO and regulatory compliance requirements and want to give our clients and the Australian market the opportunity to use it as well”. 

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Want more information about Comply Ahoy? You can contact John Cormican- or 0422 381 250.