Quality & Business

Quality is simple. It’s business intuitive. It’s all a business needs to make its customers happy, eliminate errors, provide a framework that workers can follow and create products or services people value.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality assurance. Quality assurance, at its simplest, is making sure your business comprehensively understands what your customers want and makes sure you can deliver on those requirements efficiently.

Why is this important?

Quality certification can have extended benefits including meaningful relations with customers, improved knowledge of the business and improved organisation strategy and culture.

Why our approach?

We know certification isn’t meant to be difficult after all, quality is simply good business practice. We understand no two business are the same and work with our clients towards compliance and efficiencies.

3rd Party Assurance

We help you identify gaps, issues, nonconformances, opportunities for improvement, areas of concern, evidence of conformity and sometimes best practice that exists within your organisation against the specific criteria of your assessment.

We can offer your business comprehensive assurance services with a targeted approach to help any business grow and improve upon their current systems and efficiencies.

We know we don’t know it all and don’t pretend to but we work with our clients towards compliance and best practice.

Our 3rd Party Assurances services can;

  • Investigate & Find the Gaps
  • Customised to your criteria
  • Access to experienced professionals



ISO 9001 Essentials and Lead Auditor training

Do you need to learn to work in, design, implement or audit Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001?

Our courses in Quality 9001 provide a framework with learning options for the individual seeking foundation or refresher skills with Quality 9001 Essentials through to the Diploma of Quality Auditing.

These courses examine the ins and outs of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, from an introduction, through foundations and on to Lead Implementer or Lead Auditor skill levels.

Our staff and trainers have years of experience auditing to ISO 9001 across a wide range of industries from mining and agriculture, to cyber security and engineering.

Podcast Series: Business Systems and Sucess

We know that certification can do more for your business than just meet tender requirements by why take it from us? So we decided to ask some of our clients to tell their story about the certification process and how their businesses have and continue to work toward success.

Business, Systems and Success is a podcast presented by Compass Assurance Services Managing Director Paul Lindsay. We speak with Australian business leaders about their businesses, their systems and how they achieved success.

ISO9001:2015 checklist

Self-Assessment Checklists

We’ve worked hard so you don’t have to.

Our self-assessment checklists break down the standard into easy to understand and manageable pieces. Completing one of these checklists will let you know how far your business is to becoming certified.

ISO9001:2008 transition checklist

WHS, Management & Business Training

Compass Assurance Training offers a suite of Workplace Health & Safety, Leadership, Business and Project Management.

These courses are delivered online with ongoing learning support from industry professionals to ensure you get the best learning experience possible.

Compass Assurance training is a registered RTO:88194 with courses linked to BSB units giving nationally recognised units of competency.