ISO 2015 Changes : How Could This Affect You?

ISO 2015 means that new versions of 9001 and 14001 will be released shortly, and in 2016 we will have a new ISO standard for occupational health and safety for the first time, with the release of ISO45001.

We’re holding a special webinar outlining what’s changed for ISO9001 & ISO14001. This will include how this will effect you, and also the new ISO 45001. Register here:

The webinar will be hosted by Compass Assurance Managing Director Paul Lindsay (in Dec & Jan). It will explore all of the key changes including risk management, leadership and documented information including:

  • What are the changes to the standard?
  • How do the changes affect my certification?
  • When do I need to transition?

If this is something that effects your business, you can register for the webinar by clicking the link below. There’s no cost, but registrations are limited.

Register for the webinar here: